Twinkle Jewelry

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Twinkle Jewelry
Twinkle Jewelry
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Twinkle Jewelry is having over 20 years of experience in bespoke jewelry craftsmanship, scrulptural goldsmithing, diamond and genstone selection, who is recognized as one of the fine jewelry fine wholesalers in Hong Kong. The brand has remarkable experience in the industry and our team decided to rebrand the company on the elements of elegance and simplicity, fitting Twinkle’s business scope and their well-developed brand image and refined know-how.


To Strengthen the high-end and refined brand image and visual identity, this website has focused on dynamic effects such as different transitions and scrolling effects to create more interaction with the users and interest them to keep browsing in a smooth and user-friendly process.

Twinkle Jewelry

A built-in order request function feature is one of the bespoke details of this new website, as the purpose is to simplify the ordering process when customers find the styles they are looking for. The reference number will be directly shown on each inquiry, thus engaging a more complete and efficient user experience.

Twinkle Jewelry
Twinkle Jewelry
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