FEM Fitness

Femininity Empower Movement

FEM Fitness
Health & Fitness
Scope of work
Logo, Collateral, Packaging, Advertising, Interior Design
Client Background
The brand name of “FEM” is formatted with the initials “Femininity Empowers Movement” which becomes a core value of evocating the exclusiveness of females and raising the awareness of female well-being with a range of fitness training and work-out services, as promoting a brand DNA of being naturally beautiful and charming as a women empowerment.
The logo of FEM empowers an image of femininity as the brand DNA and curates a culture of becoming naturally beautiful through its fitness services; using a unique pattern of curvy shapes to form the letters of “FEM” with a feature of women’s curvy body silhouette in the design of the letter “F” to symbolise a confident woman stands straight with good posture.
Pantone 2237
84C, 39M, 49Y, 0K
0R, 130G, 135B
Pantone 7670
77C, 75M, 17Y, 0K
82R, 85G, 163B
Collateral Design
A set of collateral and printing products including name card, letterhead, coffee cup, menu and packaging, as well as water bottle. With the application of a minimal Morandi muted color scheme of neutral grey, coral and turquoise, which could give a soft sensation as a form for women.
Website Design
A rebranded website design for a female-exclusive fitness centre speaks out the brand’s style with the use of cohesive color. With a unique interface design and animated layout, this brings users comprehensive ideas on what services the company provides, like class information, promotion and enquiry form.
Interior Design
The space us surrounded with many curvy aesthetics with unique lighting design to imerge into this minimal and chic aura. Differ from typical fitness center space design, FEM takes a consoling light palette with beige and coral as main color, using curved angles to replace shapeness, applying minimal furniture and infusing greenery, paving levels of layering into simplicity to present the brand DNA.
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